Infinity and Beyond - Ethan

- Mr. & Mrs. Brown
We are very happy at The Seazen and our decision to move here from the Northeast in July. The apartment is wonderful and so is the staff. Haley was very nice and thorough by keeping us informed of openings and sending pictures prior to signing our lease. And though she was not present when we actually toured Seazen the first time, the staff welcomed us and made us feel at home. Awesome team communication and professionalism!! Our moving trip from the Northeast took longer than expected so when we finally arrived, the office was closed. As luck would have it, Ethan appeared out of no where and gave us the move in package Haley made for us. He offered us water and genuinely cared for our wellbeing as we probably looked exhausted and dehydrated. Ethan has super hero abilities and saved the day. Since then we have seen our super hero helping everyone the same way. We think the entire staff are secret super heroes with individual powers making up one dynamic team. We see them in action all the time! Our only regret is ... not moving here sooner. Thank you for all that you do and although you do more than we will ever know (super heroes stuff) we appreciate you very much.